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The Sunshine Nordic Walking group is a small but friendly group of walkers who enjoy a good chat with some fresh air and exercise, exploring the local area and visiting new places. We often sample wild produce we might find along the way, or at the very least, will discuss recipes and favoured cooking methods!

But its not all about eating and talking!

We have a wide range of abilities in the groups, and many are relatively new to Nordic Walking, having just completed their “learn to’ course. The walks are managed and planned to take into account all levels, and no-one is left out. Most of the members of our walking community are women aged 40 and above, and in line with Three Rivers target of getting more 55+ active, we are working closely with the council to get more and more people in the Borough walking.

Our walks are generally around an hour in length and we could cover 4km during that time on most walks. The faster ones may cover more ground as I send them round in circles or up hills whilst the others take their time to catch up.

I take pride in the fact that our walks are all-inclusive and everyone is made to feel welcome. There are no egos here, everyone has the same objective – to get outdoors, exercise and enjoy themselves.

The walks are generally off road, but may be on paths and trails. We walk in beautiful woodland, fields, lakes, canals, trails and even along the M25 (has to be done to be believed!). All are around the Rickmansworth area and I have a growing bank of 10 different walks that I use in rotation throughout the year. Even the same walk is amazing week after week, especially in the spring when the buds are coming out and the flowers blooming – its like a new walk each time.

Alison Smith

After 20 years in the corporate world I finally took the plunge and qualified as a personal trainer then jacked in the salaried job to do what I love. I am passionate about sport and health and with many years of competitive sporting experience to share, I will help people achieve their health and fitness goals for life and I strongly believe that it is important to have a balance of different types of exercise to be healthy, lean and strong.

I coach running, triathlon and strength & conditioning, as well as exercise for general fitness and health.

This is where Nordic Walking fits in. I started teaching Nordic Walking in May 2014 after a skiing holiday with a bunch of doctors. I got talking to a physiotherapist who had done reams of research into the health benefits of Nordic Walking, for claudication, hypertension and many other health ailments. Its not a fad, and is backed by proper research and clinical trials.

Its also outdoors, which I love, usually in gorgeous countryside with views. Its social and completely invigorating. You can also do it at any pace – fast or slow, whatever your ability is.

Nikki Harlow

I have been in the fitness industry since 1996 initially as a gym instructor after my two sons started school.  I took my level 2 qualification in 2004 and in 2013 retrained with Body Control Pilates and am now a Level 3 Certified Instructor.  I am also a qualified Aromatherapist and Massage Therapist.


I started Nordic Walking in May 2016 and really love it as a complement to my pilates, so decided to become a walk leader with the Sunshine Nordic Walkers.


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